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Q5 Anybody after a non-registered Q5 before tax increase..

newbieboyy Mar 28, 2018

  1. newbieboyy

    newbieboyy Active Member

    If anybody is after a brand new Q5 S-Line Quattro on an 18-plate before the tax increases and Audi offers expire this weekend - Stafford Audi have one!

    Unfortunately I lost my job and as a consequence - I am unable to continue with my purchase on my first new car :-(

    S-Line 2.0TDi Quattro 190 PS S-Tronic Mythos Black
    LED headlights/rear lights & dynamic rear indicators
    S line exterior package
    S line interior package rough ride markets
    Technology Pack
    70-ltr fuel tank/24-ltr Adblue
    Hill Hold
    High-Beam Assist
    Virtual Cockpit
    Parking Plus

    Its at Stafford Audi (Who have held it all month for me as i thought things were sorted job wise!)

    As of the first of April the tax increases to £500 in first year I believe.
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  3. q5man

    q5man Mythos Appreciator Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter quattro Audi Q5

    Sorry to hear about job situation, hopefully sorted soon ‍♂️ Think the tax is up already as collected my Q5 on 23rd and was £500 odd for 1st year already! Next 4 years 400+ due to £40k RRP value

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  4. malcolmrmcintyre

    malcolmrmcintyre New Member Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi Q5

    I bought a dealer pre-registered 1st March Q5, and got stung for the premium car tax on transfering the registered keeper to me.
    BTW, I wasn’t aware (and certainly NOT made aware by the dealer) that when you buy an Audi pre-reg demonstrator, they will hold on to the V5c registration document for three months. This is apparently because Audi pay the dealers to hold demontrators, but they have to keep them for three months.
    In my case, the car was only three weeks old when I bought it and drove it away, but was kept in a sort of ownership limbo while the dealer held on to the V5c (without telling me). Not sure how this would have affected my insurance if there had been a claim.

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