Any thoughts on the 130bhp 4motion passat estate?


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( I noticed this post because I've been looking at the Passat TDI 4Motion myself recently... )

You might like to know that we ran a full road test of the TDI 4Motion Estate, in the May 2003 issue of Volkswagen Driver magazine ( front cover pic and pages 7 - 11 )

Contact 01525 750 500 for a back issue, or log on at

;) Neil Birkitt


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Alright there,

I own a 2003 Passat 4motion TDi saloon and I think for it's size and with potential 4WD the mpg isn't too bad.

On a long run 43-50 mpg is the norm depending on your chosen cruising speed. I get an urban MPG of about 35mpg. It's a good cruiser that is very easy to drive and is quick enough for most situations.


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I've got cruise control on mine, the mpg is slightly reduced when using it as opposed to controlling the speed yourself.

I quite fancied and A4 when I was looking but the Passat was a cheaper option and still a good car. The Interior isn't as nice as an A4 but it still has all the refinements you need. I think the Passat has mpre space in the back than the A4. Not sure if its an A4/A6 hybrid in terms of size.


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I had a 97 passat saloon before the A4. It had way more space the my A4 and it's an avant. I'll have to see where the pennies are when it comes time to change. I don't mind high mileage and if I can find a high spec Passat I may just go for it.
I do love m AUdi tho!


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Mines is approaching 89000 miles and is still very healthy. I paid £6000 for it in May 2008, I imagine that has now drastically reduced in recent months.

It is the Sport version with Black leather so looks okay inside and has no garish fake wood.

I can't fault the Passat really as it provides ample space and is comfy to drive.