Any suggestions for remapping in Highlands of Scotland


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Mar 16, 2013
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Portree, Isle of Skye, West Coast Scotland
Hi Guys

I am looking for someone to remap the A4 as it has a new K03s fitted inplace of the standard K03 but ideally in the area of Inverness. Also does anyone know what power increase return I can expect with the new turbo?

The car is a 1.8T Quattro SE 163 BFB engine with the K03s Turbo.

You could maybe try Wallace Perfomance but I think they may be Aberdeen area.
You could also try Brotek. He is Scotlands Shark dealer and site sponsor. You can also get him as he is member brodster. :) x
I got my A4 mapped in Inverness by Kennys VW Audi specialist 01463 718652. He's very good, ex Audi master technician.
Go on revo site or ask kev on here and see if they have a map for you! Also on there site you can find a specialist near you, excellent maps would definetly reccomend

if you have supporting mods you could get about 230-240 bhp amd around 280 torque, if not then your looking around 190-200 bhp!
I can recommend Mark@Brotek (Brodster) he remapped my A4 Avant last week and I'm very happy with it