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Any stock PD170 logs/graphs?

Bigbang Mar 17, 2018

  1. Bigbang

    Bigbang Member

    Hi looking for a healthy pd170 stock graph/log mines had some issues but after adjusting the actuator rod it’s getting better, not sure where it should be boosting from down low, so would like to see a graph before I play with the stop screw and cause high EMPs.

    Before I adjusted the rod - E673C5BB-6869-4FEC-B4C5-9B28FFA4CED8.jpeg

    And here’s after (the rpm spike is where I had some wheel spin and traction control cut in)


    Atm it seems I’m reaching specified by 2200rpm.

    In my friends Passat (same BNM engine) it used to pull hard from 1800 so think mine still needs to come down (he wrote it off a month ago so can’t get logs from that lol)

    By the way both logs are in 3rd at full throttle up a slight incline on the exact same stretch of road, did a few logs to make sure it was consistant numbers which they are

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