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Any S3 owners with the Alacantra / Leather seats?

MikeA3 Mar 15, 2007

  1. MikeA3

    MikeA3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    So I've finally put my A3 up for sale :bye: and am now looking for an S3 over the next month or two, i've already looked at a few with both types of seat covering and I prefer the split alacantra / leather seats as i felt they stopped me sliding around more than the total leather recaros.

    But... how easy are they to live with? - the car's i've seen so far have had the silver alacantra which seems to stain and show signs of wear quite easily - i've also read old posts where people have had to "de-fuzz" the alacantra with a remington as they tend to "bobble" after time.

    Is there a specific product that people use to keep the alacantra clean and looking good?


  2. Blunteh

    Blunteh Member

    I've got the black leather/blue alcantra seats... I love them. I've not got any stains on them though as I haven't spilt anything in my car...

    I'm touchy about people eating or drinking in my car though.. spill anything and you're walking home... !


    The difference in colour you can see on mine is just the napp of the cloth (like a snooker table), if I smooth it in the same direction is all looks the same. I prefer them over all leather alot !
  3. Dave_Bayern

    Dave_Bayern Slipping at 3.5Krpm

    If your only preference for Alacantra is due to sliding in the seat, then why dont you consider a CG Lock?
    I got one on a group buy and I can honestly say I wouldn't own another car without one.
    It keeps you super tight and the leather slideyness is no more.

    Personally, leather with the CG Lock would be my choice, as its then way easier to maintain than Alacantra.
  4. paul_brad

    paul_brad Member

    im picking up my S3 tonight.......and it has the white alcantara inserts. I love the styling, but the seating area is a bit bobbly. Ive just ordered a fabric shaver thing off ebay for about 3 quid which im hoping will help. (having searched on here previously!)
  5. dultanur

    dultanur all promises, no action :)

    i also have the blue alacantra/black leather setas, love them and hove no problems keeping them clean. no fuzz buildup either...
  6. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    I have the Yellow and black seats, love them. Better than full leather in my opinion, they are a bit bobbly which needs sorting but they clean up ok with some fabric cleaner and a damp Chamois (sp) leather.

    Paul let us know how the shaver thing works and which one you have when you get it please.
  7. paul_brad

    paul_brad Member

    it looks like this:

    although, the one i ordered was a little cheaper still i think.
    Not had chance to use it yet, will PM you with the details.

    I picked up the old girl last night, and absolutely love it. Will post the pics, although you may have seen em before, cos its the dolphin grey one Colin was selling on here until a short while ago!
  8. dubbers

    dubbers Motown UK

    This was the drivers seat on mine after 4 years/40k miles


    Close up


    I tended to use hot water in a Vax to clean them.....

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