Any-one looking for a decent FMIC on their A3? (With pics)


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Long time since i've been on here guys now ive got the Anniversary GTI.

Just wondered if any of you guys fancyed a FMIC for his/her A3?

Had a Pro-Alloy item made up for me and Jabba sport fitted it for me, was on the car for 6 months if that?

Basically it wont fit my Golf so need to raise some funds for a FMIC on the Anni.

Here's a Quick pic of what it looks like fitted:-



Not sure what im after it really it cost me a fortune fitted etc, just want to re-coup some money back so i can get another one on my Golf.

Everything still there all pipework, silicone joiners etc. Ready to go.

Pm if interested??



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This is what we are missing for the FMIC sticky.... an A3 FMIC tutorial....

Got any pics of you fitting it and a write etc that you can bung in the FMIC sticky???



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Hmm not got any pics of the fitting process im afraid mate, Jabba did all that before mapping etc.

I can assure you though its a quality bit of kit no cutting the bumper up etc!


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Wouldnt tha be a better pipe run set up on the s3? Also taking the pipes that route would for the pipes to remain the diameter they are with out reducing them!


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Yes guys it fits under a standard A3 bumper no trimming needed.



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how much would you be looking for it ? how much extra pipework did you have to do for it to work on an a3.


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Interested!!! (depending on how much overtime I pick up this month ;) )

Rough cost would help buddy, dont want to insult you with a lowball!! :)



Swaying towards IHI....
People everything is there to fit on an A3 , all pipework silicone joiners etc.

Im looking for £400 for it which i think is really reasonable considering what they cost new.

Pm me though if interested :)