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Any idea what this part is?

Dezza Jan 19, 2016

  1. Dezza

    Dezza Registered User

    I took off the cover on the bulkhead/firewall which covers the wiper mechanism and found this little part sitting in the hole in the bulkhead pictured loosely. I'm guessing it has come adrift from something under the cover, but I can't see where it might go. Does anyone have any ideas?
    It's made out of black plastic and I can't see no Audi part number on it. I don't think it belongs in that hole as it doesn't seem to have a decent fit for it that I can see. The rubber insert in the hole looks like some sort of cable entry as it has a slot cut in it, probably for some factory option if it's fitted.
    Car is a 2012 Facelift A5 Cabriolet 2.0TFSI

    Cheers, D

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