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Any handy hints & need Vag Com in SW London for RNS-e

davej_anderson Sep 7, 2009

  1. davej_anderson

    davej_anderson Member


    Just retrofitted a RNS-e unit having to convert a single din to a double din - 5 hrs work, a few cuts and a very frustrating 2 hours wasted when I dropped a spanner :keule: down by the gear stick which slipped under the air con pipes meaning I had to take out the rear console. Note to self, next time buy a car with double din!

    It all works and looks great but I need to code my car - anyone in SW London or Woking with Vag Com willing to help me out with the coding in exchange for a few beer tokens?

    Does anyone have any handy hints for settings on their RNS-e that I'm not going to find easily in the handbook?

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