Any front/rear disc reccomendations


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I need to replace the discs on the Avant 1.9tdi. I'm looking at ebc drilled and grooved as I rated them on my civic. Does anyone have any other suggestions at an affordable price.


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GSF do a brembo disc for the A4 just don't go cheap on the pads


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I had EBC Dimpled and Grooved on my 1.8T With Ultimax pads but they warped after less than a year and 10,000 miles. I'm now running brembo discs and pads front and rear, really happy with them so far done a few thousand miles and all is good. The whole lot cost £175 that's 312mm front and 255mm rears


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Hmmm..brembo it may well be then, I do like the ebcs but then the a4 does weigh quite a bit more than a jap pocket rocket. Thats not a bad price either.


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Can't fault OEM stuff, the only downside with the Brembo's is GSF never have them in stock, I waited over a month before they told me they couldn't get them last year, and my mate phoned them this month, wwas told yes they had them, went into shop only to be told not in stock with no delivery dates.....

I ended up going with Pagid OEM spec discs and pads from Euro......
OEM or Brembo... stay away from EBC.... I had the dimpled+grooved ones on my Golf: I bedded them in properly and then the fronts warped to all hell in <5000 miles total and the rears, at about 12k miles were "spectacularly fluffy"....
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I got mine off ebay, just make sure that the you get the correct ones, loads on there were trying to sell me the wrong size discs, i went on the brembo online parts catalogue got all the correct part numbers for discs and pads then looked on ebay for them, i think the company i used was click car parts, all genuine bembo parts, all correct part numbers and were delivered within 3 days, cant fault them at all.

I definitely will not buy EBC again, they looked good behind the wheels but were as lostbok said fluffy when braking
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...they looked good behind the wheels but....

I used to think that was their only redeeming "feature".... but you're not impressing anybody since most enthusiasts know how bad they are and what a poor choice they are...


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Doesn't look like there is much love for EBC in here - im not going to help either!

I have used EBC stuff in the past, greenstuff & redstuff along with discs and never been impressed.

Learnt my lesson and stuck with other brands (fan of DS2500 pads).

In regards to your discs, you may find that standard discs with better pads (i.e DS2500) will suffice - drilled / grooved is probably a little overkill and will never look impressive due to the size of the discs.


hvtn read the thread fully, just a quick post, i went for on my a4 b6 1.8t a set of mtec disks front and rear drilled and grooved, and mintex pads. £190 i think off ebay, they might do a set for your tdi. hope this helps


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EBC are ****, disks and Green Stuff, Warped within 8 months of use and i took them back and there customer service at the HQ in Northampton was really cheesy, i left them there on there counter and walked out, they even offered me a free set of disks and pads that i told them they could keep as the online reports showed me id be changing them again in the next 8 months time,

Brembo's do what they say they do, and they do it well! get Brembo Pads too! Iv got them all round on my A4,


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Tarox G88 with tarox pads. Great stopping power even when cold, look good too.