Any Detailing courses about??


RS-one day soon!!
Wondered if anyone knew if there are any courses about for learning the craft of proper detailing??:think:


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Get yourself regd onto DetailingWorld and see if you can make the event in the following thread:

Failing that, there are regional meetings on DW that you can opt into to go see demos etc, not necessarily full detailing training or anything.

There will be a BIG DW national event coming up though and you will probably see a good range of techniques and products there mate.:icon_thumright:


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doubt theres any kinda formal courses around, think your best bet would be to attend a detailing day, i think there is one being arranged at the mo on detailingworld


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.... and that's saying something LOL.

The Meguiar's day has been done before and there will be more this year no doubt.

There's also 1 and 2-day valeting training available from Autosmart on their website. I think it's about £90 per day IIRC. If you are very keen then this may be a good starting point for you to learn some basic products and processes which you can then refine and change to your own satisfaction with your own products.



james b

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the megs day IMO dose not teach you much they just big there own stuff up not alot else,

there are nt manyproper courses and most good detailers will have learned most of there stuff in the valeting game and then moved up in to detailing


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Good post, I'd be interested also, but I've signed up to detailing world and I've noticed everyone has taught themselves, best just reading through posts and seeing which products most people use...


RS-one day soon!!
I looked on there too, and the only courses I seem to have come across are by polish manufactures, I just think they'll be a little more intrested in showing off their products, I'm more intrested in learning the methods from scratch and how to work methodically etc.I can't find any proper detailers round my way or would go and offer to work for free for a bit just to learn this. Polished bliss what about running a 1 day workshop on the basics and an intro to pc'ing etc?? I'm sure plenty would sign up:icon_thumright:


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We've been toying with the idea of offering professional and enthusiast training courses for a while now, but with a six month waiting list it's proving impossible to find time to plan such events properly and set aside the time for doing them. However, we are having an open weekend at the end of March (details to be announced soon), and we will be doing some demos at that. I'll keep working on the idea of training courses in the background, with a view to making something happen next winter when things quieten down a wee bit. :icon_thumright: