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Hi All.... not posted in quite a while so posting in a couple of area's as platforms are similar , recently acquired an A5 Quattro black edition + and when i got it around 4 months ago the aircon wasn't working , it was totally empty wouldn't even let the button light up there are no signs of any accident damage or reasons the front end may have been stripped down so i took it to a local independent and he pulled a vacuum on it which it held and then he re gassed it and added some dye just in case i was to return and it's been icy cold ever since until this week where it has clearly got issues , the aircon button still works , it switches the compressor on and off and as far as i can tell there are no leaks though i have yet to take the under tray off , when i attach a gauge to the low pressure it reads high and then when i start the engine it drops down into the green zone which as far as i know is good , are there any fuses , sensors or relays I can test before i got and try another re gas ? i've had it on VCDS and that reports no faults and iv'r gone through all the output test which seems to work , im baffled


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Another regas would do nothing for you if it's in the green already once the A/C is switched on with the engine running, and there's no point risking an over-gas. It could be an imbalance in pressures between the low and high system of your AC, but then again, even if the compressor is working, there's still a handful of stages left in the system that actually enables cold air to come out of your vents, like the expansion valve, the evaporator and the dryer. It's worth taking it to a garage or A/C specialist at this point, as there's not much else you can do at home.


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Does the fan kick in when the ac is switched on?