any 2.0T DTM owners?

any good?
is it worth it, or best just get a 2.0T and remap yourself and the s-line looks just as good and a darn cheaper
You've just answered your own question! IMO, they look a lot better than the S-Line, but I suppose its down to personal preference, and there are only 250 in the UK.
Finally joined this site after a few years on the sidelines. I have a DTM and would say that overall its the best Audi i've owned. The overal package is great, great to look at and great to drive. Plus as MatP says, there's only 250 in the UK. :yahoo:
I believe the DTM and the 2.0T s-line special edition are both at 220BHP, so no need to remap. It's about looks, I like them both, just missed out on a DTM unfortunately so got the other one instead.

The DTM looks more aggresive, originally it carried an extra £5k price tag, but second hand that difference is probably limited. If you've got the option and there's not much difference go for the DTM (dependant on optional extras spec of both and what's important to you)
i have the special edition and luv it, like mentioned its personal taste as interior an exterior is the difference between the two.

tho gettin a standad 2.0t an remaping wont give the handleing of the dtm/special edition as there built by audis quattro department who do the preformance end of things, they make alot of changes, brakes, suspension etc are alot better, audi told me they basiclly strip the car down and rebuild it with there gmbh gear!
bought my dtm with 6k on the clock now showing 54k.
love the handling and looks of the car, the exhaust sound is great especially after the revo remap.
waiting on a date from vagtech to install k04 turbo and all other bits to take her to 350 bhp!
Have you had any costs back for the KO4 upgrade, I have been looking in to this for my DTM and the only place I can find it was through APR in the US and it's very expensive! Although a couple of people have mentioned Badger Bill about the conversion.
waiting to hear from jon at vagtech, he is on holiday for a week now but hope to have a figure on his return.
think around the 3k mark ftd with all the bits and pieces needed.
vagtech 01525 279514 if you want to give them a call
revo remap is great and cost £400.
Hi All, I have just adopted my DTM, she's a 2006 model in Sprint Blue, :)




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