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  1. Timothy Portelli

    Timothy Portelli New Member

    Hi folks

    Currently I'm looking for a front and rear anti roll bar set for my 1996 a4 1.8 quattro. Found the H&R kit 33372-2 but it states that it is designed for 98 onwards models.

    Does any one know if this is possible to install on my vehicle or if there are any other suppliers for front and rear roll bars for my car.

    What ate the differences between pre 98 and post 98 cars?


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  3. Steve b5 quattro

    Steve b5 quattro New Member

    Hi, I would think there is very little in the difference. Would it have anything to do with the release date of the car in the states?
    I'm looking for anti roll bars too for mine, only ones I see are on Ebay.
    If you compared pictures or dimensions with different after markets ones compared to stock, that might give you an idea of what differences there is. But I'd think very little

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  4. Timothy Portelli

    Timothy Portelli New Member

    To be honest I stopped searching for now as it was very hard to get info. I had contacted an H&R selling shop and I was told that they don't fit. And he gave me the part number for the one that fits my car but they only produce the front one. Now was thinking to get a rear from 034 as they said it fits but I'll wait for the current global situation to settle down a bit.
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