Anti-hijack feature??


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funny how people know how to do it and have it done. but yet no one is willing to help.
so much i was told there was loads of help this forum. more like a waste of time:end_of_discction:


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I guess there are not too many A2 owners on here, did this on my A4, used this site: Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: Audi B6 VAG-COM Info

on VCDS go to "46 - Central Conv - Coding-07 - Original Val 6859 New Val 6891

The following codes were active on my car. I simply added 32 to the orginal value and the doors now auto lock. Equally, by removing a Binary for the total value you would disable that function.


1 GB Alarm
2 Anti theft warning bleep
8 Anti theft warning system
32 Auto Central Locking at 15 mph
64 Comfort function via remote control
128 Right hand drive
512 Confirmation close via remote
2048 Door/Window regulator logic
4096 Thatcham anti-theft warning
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