Another question guys, to quattro or not to quattro?


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Mar 1, 2008
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Thanks for all your replies to my last question (regarding MPG), now I have the final piece of the puzzle to ask and would appreciate your own experiences.

Is it worth going Quattro with the 1.8T engine at higher powers (I know it's mandatoroy on the S3)? I must admit I'm a bit sniffy towards front wheel drive after being used to RWD and 4WD as the VTEC Honda I had before the Celica used to light it's wheels at the slightest sniff of power on a dodgy surface. Are the Audi's like that? or is it something to seriously consider seeing how much lighter the FWD cars are?

Last question, Promise :)
ive never looked back since getting the S3
i had a standard 150bhp 1.8T prior to the worked well but would hate to think what it would be like with more power....especially in the wet!! took my misus mini out the other day and im certain i would miss my 4x4 if i lost it
Quattro without a doubt !
I have a 2wd A4 with 240 bhp and enen at that its a pain to drive with the racelogic switched off.

The A3 TQS we have just grips and goes, even tho its heavier and slightly lower powered its prob faster due to pure grip
I'd take the Quattro over 2WD anyday. Used to own a 1.6 A3 and it was flakey as in the wet. My 1.8TQS feels much sturdier. If you've got the option do it.
quattro any day i also had the golf 1.8t 2001 and had it remaped and it was rediculous in the dry and wet but the s3 different story no turning back for me
Depends really on how far you want to go with the power.....if your just going for a remap to 200ish bhp i'd go for fwd, if you want to push for bigger numbers then by the time you've spent out on mods and insurance you might as well get an S3 and have the extra power more easily along with Quattro system.....
Quattro all the way, ...........then you can say to your lass very time you go out init.....''right lets fire up the quattro!!''

Oh dear. Do you really say stuff like this? And is she impressed? :blink: :undwech:

I love my 2wd car.........very nimble, but if starting from scratch and going for big power, I'd say buy a quattro.
I have a 1.9Tdi 130 Quattro. So not a huge power car. But lots of torque. I don't often feel the need for the quattro though. Friend of mine has a mark iv golf turbo with over 200bhp. With a good set of tires and decent suspension, As leggy said, 2wd is probably the way to go. Quattro heavily eats into mpg and power and until your frony wheels are slipping doesn't come in anyway. Unless you go all out and get a haldex controller.

Just my 2p worth. It's really down to you.
One of the biggest things i noticed when going from my A3 to the S3 besides the obvious was how heavy the S3 is in the bends, i don't know exactly how heavy the A3 Quattro is but i wouldn't of thought there was much difference between that and the S3....The fact the S3 remaps to a higher level lessons the blow, but you don't get that with the Quattro A3, for that reason i'd get the FWD....
Personally I think about the power limit of a FWD car is around 300-350bhp

In the wet it will be pretty much pointless anyway but in the dry with good tyres, suspension set up and a performance diff it is alright! Also when at higer speeds you shouldn't have much problems with wheel spin.

For more power, that is useable I would recommend 4WD :)

Just my 2ps worth!


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