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Picked up a mediocre mk1 A7 in november as i always liked these cars ,with the view of tinkering around with it to my liking but as you can see its been neglected and i need to get back on track to finish it. But as i am still working through the lockdown ( busier than ever) i have not had the chance to spend any real time on this "mid life project"
some good points and bad points

full engine service and s-tronic oil / filter change done by myself shortly after purchase ,
I done latest mmi and maps update done shortly after purchase,
Has tech pack with bigger screen than my mates
full ebc redstuff discs and pads fitted by myself and cleaned up and sprayed calipers with simoniz vht paint.
Bought obdeleven and got enabling some cool functions .
Got stage 1 custom remap theoretically 300bhp and 600nm
Got custom muffler delete with 4" tailpipes instead of original 3"
Car is not a black edition but i have added some black badging and chrome deleted the window trims

Not fussed with the colour as used to black cars but vowed id never buy another black car as sick of meticulous polishing and stress of chips and dents sticking out like a sore thumb. I would have preffered daytona gray but on an overcast day my colour changes pretty dark
Bose bass may need a wee upgrade.
wheel tyre combo is pretty garbage has oe 21" rotors on big tyres so sits up quite high
need to get wheels changed or refurbed with lower profile tyres and suspension drop to get the stance correct.

Has no sunroof, tv , or reverse camera but has most other things and have added screen mirroring through a chromecast to mmi to watch tv that way if needed but found its not getting used anyway.

Well apart from that its pretty much same as any other 3.0 v6 tdi CDUC with 0B5 gbox
but thinking of a darkside developments gbox software upgrade to just sharpen up the box and gear changes a little.
Have also just stripped the IMRC ( swirl flap) and related pipework for a decarbon and going to try running it without the flap see how it goes but will probably reinstate it to be honest and fit an oil catch to the breather to minimise oil /soot mix to gunk.
will also seek to find out egr offset value or whatever to minimise its operation in system.


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Welcome to the A7 Club :thumbs up:

You won’t see very many modded A7, mainly because it’s still quite a rare car in the UK, and there are not many external modifications around for it.

Looks like you’ve done the more common ones, callipers, front grill, Stage 1 etc. :chuncky:

I steered clear of the 21” alloys, as everyone says they make for a really hard ride, plus more likely to get pothole damage. I’m on 20” but with lowered air suspension, so fills the arches pretty good.

My first A7 I didn’t have the reversing camera either, but it was one of the first things I had fitted as rear view out the back window is pants, and it’s got a long tail. It’s available for retrofitting at around the £550 mark. Do you have reversing sensors?

The blacked out chrome looks good on the grey, I had my chrome wrapped in matt black on the S7 as the Black Edition version wasn’t an option when I bought it. You should wrap your mirrors in black as well!



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thanks for your input , yeah seems a good idea to drop a wheel size as these big tyres have saved me a bit of pot hole wheel damage already so going very low profile would put these wheels at risk and dropping it to suit i can imagine the already harsh ride is going to be a lot worse.
So ill look for a set of 20s in the coming months , My black alloys are plastidipped so can be peeled off to original all silver but i was going to get them redone in the titanium colour and diamond cut rotors/rims then tyres but adding all that up aint going to be cheap.
Prob better doing a swap or trade in at one of the wheel refurb places

wrap mirrors! never thought of that , got me thinking thanks.

i have the front and rear parking sensors and mirror dip function and found it fine to park , I thought of the retrofit camera but its quite an expense for me that could be going to my wheels or gbox map, In contrast i fitted an £18 ( at the time they first came out) boscam k3 reverse camera and screen from amazon to my van and the picture looks better than the oe retrofits do on camera at least ( not seen it with the naked eye) but the downside is i dont want to stick another screen on my windscreen or dash of the audi so thats not an option lol
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