Another little project


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Since lowering i thought my ramps were not much use for quick access under car .
(handy for fitting undertrays etc etc.)

So seen a set of cheap low profile ramps - not much use as a standalone item but see the pics and you will get the idea.

i will test this one out tomorrow after work for bumper clearance before copying on the remaining one,
May be a waste of time but ill do it so you dont have to.
check back tomorrow to see if success or bin fodder.


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nearly but not quite , still need something longer for a shallower incline transition to the second rung .
not going to waste anymore time on it .
if i get some sturdy bits of angle iron ill extend the ramps as needed


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ok never got round to making ramps yet but got the jobs done ive been meaning to get to before the weather turns.

renew exhaust slip joint .

"welding hammer chap" and wire brush surface rust appearing on ferrous steel subframes wher accessible,

fit all my undertrays and renew speedi clips etc where applicable.

also found fuel tank strap rusty looking and gave that the rub down and paint.

couple of heat shield mountings rotting away to the touch and done some quick bodges to secure and eliminate any future rattles. you may see some rtv sealant blobbed behind the ( what used to be ) the rear silencer heat shields , rtv is used to seal sumps etc and has a great heat resistance and modulous so totally overkill but it should hold like sikaflex - plenty other solid mounts on these shields they are not going anywhere for a long while.

The subframes looked quite bad to start with but they are quite heavy duty and very good condition

some pictures


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