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Another happy RS4 owner

imported_simond Aug 10, 2004

  1. imported_simond

    imported_simond Guest

    I just bought an RS4 - October 2001 on a 51 plate with 30k miles. It's pretty much a standard car at the moment - but not for long!! Any advice on the sources of (and experiences with) aftermarket tuning bits and bobs is much appreciated - I am initially looking at brakes and exhaust - I'm not intending to chase loads of BHP but some more torque would be nice.....
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  3. srbroon

    srbroon Registered User

    Miltec exhaust and brake depend on your buget most of the owners that have re-chiped have went for MTM or AMD chips which give 420 bhp and i'm told a massive increase in torque revo is another option. but try RS246.com there is great detail for modding the RS4 and alot of help through the forum. mine is totaly standard dso i can't comment on problems or reliability hope this helps

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