another day another problem after head gasket replacement

richard hare

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Nov 17, 2014
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so after the head gasket replacement and the car only cranking and not firing(got that sorted) i went to tackle the engine management light that i was left with...
went and plugged in my cheapo ebay scanner in and kept getting link error(normaly this thing is very good at reading codes and clearing them)...
brake light came on with traction control on the dash beeping at me telling me there was a problem with the abs...researched and swapped the brake pedal switch...still the same...brake lights were on permenantly even without the key in...
took the new switch back off and plugged in the scanner and i managed to clear the codes..20 of them...
plugged the switch back in and still the same beeps and lights on dash and brake light on still...
checked fuses they were fine...
so i disconnected the battery and had a fag....connected the battery back up and presto all is well for now..
this happening is partially my own fault....when the head was off i left the drivers window open and my brother connected the battery up to close it with the head basicly the car sh*t its pants....but for now we are all good...lets see what tomorrow brings....richard


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Feb 4, 2016
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Yeah, with the battery connected and all the engine management sensors disconnected, that would have popped up a whole host of codes. ie, injectors, coil pack, cam sensor, air mass meter would all have popped up as open circuit. The ABS might share an earth with the engine management?
Anyway, glad to hear it's all functional again, hope it doesn't give you any more problems.