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Another daft question.

Jake 61 Oct 13, 2015

  1. Jake 61

    Jake 61 Teacher of bad things..! Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Evening. I've been having bother with the thermostat on my hot water tank immersion so I changed it on Sunday.
    The original one, (Backer and not very old), was replaced when I put a new tank in last year, the electrics were all done by a registered electrician.
    Problem was it was tripping out because it was too hot. No problem, reset it and it was fine for weeks.
    Anyway, I got fed up with all the resetting malarkey and changed the stat. Lo and behold, it wasn't hot enough, so I turned up the stat last night only to find tepid water tonight when I got home.
    A penny has dropped here, has the stat been wired up in reverse...? Every time I turned the old one down, it seemed to be just as hot or hotter. Now, when I turn it up, it IS a good bit cooler.
    Is this possible before I tear what's left of my hair out...?


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