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Another BiTDI after buy back

jetty Jan 11, 2019

  1. jetty

    jetty Active Member

    Been a while since I was on here last - bought an A6 over a year ago and had problem after problem with it. Last straw was yellow paint and water ingress (https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/audi-bodge-job-silicone.378132/). Car had obviously been in a nasty smash and poorly repaired.

    Anyway, the dealership agreed to buy back and we exchanged for a 2015 Daytona grey. Even has a tow bar.....for towing at speed ?! :welcoming:

    The dealership is trying to sell my old white BiTDI, so if anyone is thinking about buying one from a main dealer - avoid it. Shame, as I really miss it!

    From this

    To this


    Not keen on the alloys, bit blingy for a black edition! Any suggestions ?
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  3. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    no idea what the alloys look like as can`t see them, but looks good otherwise
  4. MartinHudson6

    MartinHudson6 Active Member

    Better pic of alloys needed. Poor on dealerships behalf. Altho if they have repaired your old motor properly should be good to go for someone
  5. paultaylor

    paultaylor Active Member

    That’s the exact car I plan to get next!

    Currently enjoying C7.5 272 BE saloon.


    I think the wheels you have are the same as mine but you should consider getting them re done to the Matt grey and diamond cut would look superb with Daytona grey.

    How many miles are on your BiTdi? And what extras etc?
  6. Audimad

    Audimad Well-Known Member

    What reg is the white one so people can know what to avoid?
  7. woollyjoe

    woollyjoe Active Member

    The problem with your white car turned out to be very common on early cars... later down the line, Audi issued a "bulletin" to replace the bose speaker holder made of plastic. The interim solution was indeed silicon. You can bet many cars driven around now have this.

    Furthermore, the door seals on mine were not installed correctly at the factory. I went through 5 dealerships to get it all finished.

    The problem I realised, is that no one fundamentally wants to tackle these kind of problems because the risk reward from Audi UK is not worth it. They know they will likely not fix it, but that is because the dealership won't spend the time investigating. I believe because AUK won't pay for that. In summary, they do what they can within the confines of being paid, but there is a deeper culture around these issues.

    Where I've had success is when a dealership principle has instructed his team to fix things properly, knowing what this means - they will make a loss doing things properly. I will most probably buy my next Audi from them as a result though.
  8. jetty

    jetty Active Member

    Just seen all the replies, thanks - been moving house, bit hectic!
    Those are the alloys @paultaylor - they are way too bright for a black edition in grey. Shame as they are in "new" condition.

    Have issues with the new one as well. Had water in the wheel well, 5f module faulty, engine issues. Must be unlucky :blink:

    Reg starts with GL14 - I don't want to post full reg, PM me if anyone wants to know!

    There is a recall on these engines for emissions which includes new lambda sensor. Came out last week. Will post another thread on this - I rejected it for now. Dealership said power and fuel consumption wouldn't be affected - but we've all heard that one before!!
  9. HARRIM00

    HARRIM00 Member

    Do you have any details of this makeover that you reference? I'm interested in how that would look.
  10. paultaylor

    paultaylor Active Member

    I don’t but I’m guessing pristine wheels are any good wheel refurb company that can use diamond cut could have the inserts Matt grey and the outer facing edges diamond cut polish like on my OEM 20s

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