Annoying ‘pop-up’ on forum webpages

Is anyone else experiencing an annoying ‘blank pop-up’ at the bottom of the forum pages, see screen shot below.

This has only recently appeared when accessing the forums on my iPad.

I can delete the pop-up, but each time I go to a new thread, or refresh the pages, it reappears.



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I'm getting it as well - macbook pro - started yesterday.


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Noticed that myself. Wasn’t sure if the update I done during the week to the latest IOS 13 was the issue!


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same. I have this forum whitelisted and "pop-up" still pops on almost every page visit :(


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Report it to a mod then @Sandra , I have as I am also having this occurring. Only a little distraction then...
I'm using Chrome on Windows and it warns me at the top of the page that a Flash plug-in has been blocked - this is the default setting on Chrome.