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Driving home from work this evening I was following a large van that suddenly swerved to avoid a bottle in the road
He missed it but rubbed the edge of it causing it to roll straight into my path and I couldn’t avoid it. Two ****** tyres ruined
And it’s a Quattro so a new set looks on the cards


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I’ve been keeping an eye out for new winter tires and these guys are very competitive.

You can have the tires delivered to your local independent for fitting.


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Thats bad luck and the Goodyear promotion on Eagle F1 tyres ended last week. :disrelieved:

Kwik fit are doing 10% off at the moment.


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Ive never ever replaced all 4 at once on a Quattro. Never had any issues.

Had new front tyres 2 weeks ago.


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Not sure you really need to replace all 4. I've had a RS6 for 7 years, the current RS4 for 3.5 years and a 1985 quattro for 5 years and I've only ever replaced both rears or both fronts but certainly never all 4 and no one has ever suggested I needed to.

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As per Audi advice you can replace 2 tyres at a time as long as fronts vs back are within afaik 3mm of each other. Bald at the back and new at the front probably no but other than that should be ok. Tbf I only ever replaced 2 at a time RS3 and RS4.


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I haven't bought any yet, i put my winter set on for now

Winters? Now?

It’s been 20~25 degrees here all week (North Hampshire).

I ruined a set of winters once by running them before the cold weather properly set in, had to replace all 4 :scared2:

General recommendation is to fit once you have weather constantly under 7 degrees. Running them above that temp for an extended period can cause premature wear and weaken the sidewalls.

I generally prep for a 1st October fitting, weather permitting :cold: