Annoyed... Beat by a BMW diesel. Diesel Future


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Get yours mapped and you'll be running the same sort of torque if not more plus a lot more bhp. I owned a 118d (143bhp) previously before purchasing my 1.8tfsi and mpg wise I averaged 38-42 around town, went down to the teens when giving it some, but on a long journey 60mpg is achievable with sitting at 70mpg. My 1.8 does 35-37 around town and can do 55mpg on a run, so they aren't that great on fuel. For people that think from a standing start you would beat him easily, their wrong, I could easily achieve 0-60 times around 8.5secs in my 118d, therefore a 120d with 177bhp would easily be able to achieve 0-60 in around 7-7.5 secs. In the wet it is a completely different story. The BMW diesels are great engines, but I hope your friend has either BMW warranty or deep pockets because the 2.0 Diesel engine has a very poorly designed crank and costs around 5k upwards to repair and with BMW not been prepared to pay out, it's very costly. This is such a massive issue thousands have had the problem and it was even on watch dog, this is one of the reasons I sold mine and the fact winter is coming but they do drive better than an A3.


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My 3.0 tdi has 240ps and 500nm torque. 0-60 in 5.9s (Parker's) and a limited top speed of 155mph and that's standard from the factory , even more of a beast remapped!

I think the embarrassment of being beat by a diesel is becoming a thing of the past

I had an A5 3.0tdi mapped to 310bhp and it felt slow compared to a std S3. Fuel economy wasn't much better either! Admittedly, the big BMW diesel engines are a lot better than Audis but petrol all the way for me!


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All depends on how far up the rev range u are with diesels.
Classic example is on an overtaking lane on a A class road.Mr I'm going to overtake slowly and ur following in 4th gear by the time they have pulled in ur at 4000 rpm. The car doesn't seem to pull fast and it doesn't seem logical to go into 5th yet but you should :)


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I just had my cousins 2007 bmw 330d m sport manual e90 231bhp remapped dyno showed 283bhp and shed loads of torque it feels amazing power output through all gears just amazing


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Yea beema diesels are nice, the 535D pulls like a train, and just keeps pulling


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123D was keeping up with me this morning, however he was flooring it already and i did wait until he was just about level with me before i floored it in Sport mode.

200BHP 400NM and 1400KG Vs 260BHP 350NM and 1500KG... pretty sure i should have been pulling away a tiny bit more than i already was, however Stage 1 should cure this problem ;)


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only problem for me tho,

Im sure i will look like a complete douche bag driving a BMW saloon... im too young to drive one, or a merc for that matter! and im defiantly not wearing a suit to go with it!



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A few work colleagues have the 335d and with tweaking the torque is neck breaking

Ive got a new F30 335d coming in 4 weeks (317bhp version), should be plenty but already looking at tuning options.

Said I wouldnt this time around but the prospect of 370bhp and 40mpg......:undwech:mmm


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GOOD NEWS! (kind of)

Been to see rick today, and i have a huge boost leak! no wonder i lost!
He thinks it was probably running around 160 bhp so no wonder i failed.

Anyway going back on monday to get it sorted cant wait to be hotting like 100bhp more when its all fixed. so very excited!