Andy's A6 C5 2.7T Allroad


B5 1.9TDi AFN
Hi guys, here is my new addition to the fleet of Audis :)



It's a 2.7 ARE engine with 5 speed tiptronic

It has a few issues and if anyone could shed some light on them it would be much appreciated

1) The heater never gets warmer than mildly warm, is this a common issue? Can it be flushed out? The water temperature gauge gets up to 90C in about 5 to 10 mins of driving. Once there it stays bang on 90c

The cooling fan behind the radiator and the Aircon (?) Fan in front of the radiator run constantly when the engine is on. What would cause this? Where is the thermostat located?

2) The front doors shut fine if you shut them very softly, but any harder and they bounce to the not quiet open position

3) The suspension pump is very noisy, the suspension raises and falls, but for the last week or so this orange light has been on


3) Are cam cover gaskets a common issue? It appears to be leaking oil onto the N\S exhaust manifold.

4) Is this switch to disable the interior movement detectors?


5) What oil is best? (Engine)

6) Is this normal under the expansion tank?


Many thanks



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Can in some choice.
1.Heater up to 90 degree it properly and the temp it come from the heat of water coolant so this is normal.
(If need more temp to put heater with 12 vdc )
1.1 The fan behind radiator ran in two case one up to water temp two when aircondition on (test in first start aircon, off (middle posi.) )
2. Inside door module was fail. Channe new or send me free fix.
3. NO sure . to spray aw40 sonax.
5.Mobil1 Motul(In the manual it says 5-W30 ).
6. NO idea.
Best regard.


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