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Andy Mac Sub A3 8L - Instructions

Bolly Oct 9, 2018

  1. Bolly

    Bolly Member

    Hi all

    After a few years of looking, I finally got my hands on an iconic piece of 8l history for a fair price...(assuming that I am in to receive it...already missed Parcelforce twice!)

    All historic posts mentioned that that the instructions sent out were detailed and easy to follow.

    My question is...Does any one have a copy that I can view/look at. I am sure it can be figured out but if it can save me a few hours of scratching my head (as fun as that can be!) then it will be useful.


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  3. Tj 0785

    Tj 0785 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter VCDS Map User Bronze Supporter Audi S3

    You got a better chance of asking in the .8l section you’ll get more people’s who have fitted it seeing you post
  4. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Team Imola TFSI Owners Group Silver Supporter Team Sprint Audi S3 Manual

    Have a look at this thread mate a bit big but i think by the time you get to the end you will either have stopped or you will have it fitted , pics included .( https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/my-minor-modding-thread.76389/page-16#post-1018209 ) aw the best

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