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This guy was a legend! He installed my AndyMacStealthSub (AMSS)... I drove over 200 miles to him... and he was even kind enough to drop me and the good lady off to the spa while he installed it all. Hands down best audio installer to have ever walked the Earth. Top bloke! Sleep well x


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This is very sad news, I'm sorry to hear it. I haven't got one of his enclosures but I am running some AndyMac adapters which are brilliant.

Rest in peace Andy.

S3 chj

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Oh my god I feel terrible I've been sending him messages asking when could I have the sub for my box, i never knew, so sad he was a lovely guy so helpfull had time for anyone his work outstanding, although I never meet him I spoke to him on here very often it's quite upset me, my thoughts go out to his family and friend, much love and respect for Andy rip mate. Xxx


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Andy will be dearly missed. Although I am in another continent (Canada) Andy did all the effort possible to make my wishes come true! He must have been a great person. RIP dear! You made history here and you will be remembered for ever!


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I travelled down from Preston (Lancs) / stopped in a hotel +took my car to him, left it with him all day for him to sort my AMSS box / amp package out. Unbelievably talented guy, honest, trustworthy + genuine too.

RIP matey. You earnt your rest.

Sleep well,

Joe x


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This is so sad, RIP Andy.

Gone but never forgotten, the AMSS still puts a smile on my face everyday and I'm glad it was you that fitted it for me!!

sarah macgregor

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To all of you that replied to my message about Andy Mac - thank you so much for all your thoughts of condolence. It means a lot to us and its great to hear how much Andy was respected and appreciated by you all. Thank you so much for setting up the Just giving link. Its all really appreciated and when I next see Andys two boys I will be showing them your messages .
I don't know if anyone would be interested in an entire car interior for an A4 - I have found it in Andys loft. There are also lots of speakers and sound system related things at his house in Southampton -we don't know what most of them are and are at a bit of a loss to know what to do with them. If there is anyone in the Southampton area that is interested in taking a look we would be very glad for to give them to anyone that could find a use for them.
Thank you again for your responses.
Sarah Macgregor



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very shocked to hear about this was going to ask him for some advice he was a very helpfull person who had some great knowledge
R.I.P andy
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So sad to hear this.. such a shame for such a great guy to pass away so young...

I bought some speaker adaptors for my A3 from him shortly after I bought it in march and I'm still amazed now at how great they are!
I only found this out while searching for one of his sub enclosures as I couldn't see them for sale on ebay anymore and wondered where he had disappeared to.