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Android HU advice (Erisin etc)

AlexMac Dec 7, 2018

  1. AlexMac

    AlexMac Active Member VCDS Map User

    Posted in the B7 forum, but thought I'd try here too...

    Considering ordering an Android HU to replace the current OEM setup and from what I can tell from searches, Erisin seems to be the best bet. I'm after a bit of advice before I pull the trigger though.

    Current set up is 2007 B7 A4 Avant S-line Spec Ed with Non-Bose Symphony 2+, MFSW, OEM bluetooth and SDS, and the normal single colour DIS. Also no external roof aerial (just the rear quarter glass ones).

    I'm not really worried about DAB etc. My main requirements are the ability to play MP3s, use handsfree phone, Google maps and Torque Pro.

    My questions are:
    1 Do the Erisin models support the full MFSW fuctions (obv volume etc, but also the voice/phone controls)?
    2 Ditto the DIS? (phone call and track details etc displayed in the top section)

    3 What else will I need to get/do wiring-wise, or is the Erisin genuinely plug n play? (Obviously the rear speaker issue is the main one which seems to crop up. What's the situation fitting an Erisin in a non-bose set-up like mine?)

    4 Can I use the factory roof mounted HF microphone, and if so will I need to splice the Erisin mic wiring into the OEM one?

    5 Where/how have folks fitted the GPS antenna that comes with these units?

    6 Am I right in thinking I can tether the Erisin to my Android phone for 3g/4g data (set the phone as a wifi hotspot then connect the Erisin to it)?

    and finally:
    7 Given my main requirements list above, which unit would people recommend?
    (leaning towards the 7878A at the mo)







    Or if anyone has any recommendations for equivalent Xtrons etc, let me know.

    Sorry for all the questions (just trying to get all the info before splashing out, and would prefer to be able to get the job all sorted in one session when I come to fit it), and thanks in advance for any help!
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  3. ab1702

    ab1702 Registered User

    Although I have an A3 I have had both brands and prefer xtrons. In an A3 the erisin will put nothing on the DIS whereas the xtrons unit will show you the frequency of the radio station on the dis and it will say some abbreviation of Bluetooth on the DIS when playing music through Bluetooth.
    Another reason to go for the xtrons unit is that if your car is same as the A3 for the speakers then your rear speakers although none Bose will still be amplified. The xtrons unit comes with a blue amplifier trigger cable to activate the amplifier to get proper sound from the rear speakers whereas an Erisin unit doesn’t.
    Any of those units will work with the steering wheel controls.
    You can use any of these Chinese android units with your phone as a hotspot.
    I don’t know about using the cars microphone but that would be easy enough for you to figure out once you get round to installing the unit. The unit comes with a microphone built in or you can use a separate external microphone and put it wherever you want.
    In regards to the gps antenna in my A3 I have put it at the bottom of the passenger side pillar at the side of the windscreen. I pulled the pillar trim off and the antenna is routed behind the glovebox and just sits at the bottom of the pillar pointing out of the windscreen. Once the pillar cover is on you can’t see the antenna but it always has full signal.
    I would recommend you to get an android 8 octo core unit. They are the most up to date, have the best functions, quickest boot up time and most memory etc.
    Also with erisin everything with them is shipped to and from China as I found out when I needed to return a unit to them, whereas xtrons have English stock and can accept returns back to England.
    If you get one of these units to get the most out of it you want to get yourself on the android head unit section of the Xda forum. All updates for the units are put on there and there are plenty of mods to improve the usability of the unit etc.
    Hope this helps if you haven’t purchased one yet.
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  4. dp_motley

    dp_motley 2012 A3 1.6 TDI S line 2019 A3 35TFSI S line

    +1 for Xtrons. I have the latest model (Androind 8, 4GB memory, octo core) and can only recommend it to everyone. As to the GPS antenna, I glued it to the air vent pipe inside the dash just above the HU and it works well.
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  5. AlexMac

    AlexMac Active Member VCDS Map User

    Thanks for everyone's info. As an update I had already ordered the Erisin 7878 before I got any responses and will be fitting after Christmas. Interestingly, it came with a quadlock socket on the HU itself (which I thought looked to be the case from photos). A quick comparison of the pinouts on this vs the Symphony II+ & RNS-E setups indicate it MIGHT be plug'n'play. The only screwy thing is that they appear to have mixed up the right & left channels for front line out (won't affect me 'cos I'm a a pauper without Bose) although it could be their sticker which is wrong. Whether the REAR channel lineout outputs are actually high enough to drive the Audi rear amp remains to be seen on fitting, but I've picked up a High/Low convertor anyway, just in case. I'll update again once fitted for the benefit of future searchers... Thanks again for the input though!
  6. Wozski

    Wozski Registered User

    What model do you have?

    Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  7. dp_motley

    dp_motley 2012 A3 1.6 TDI S line 2019 A3 35TFSI S line

    This one
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  8. Chrismawa

    Chrismawa Registered User

    Did you ever get this fitted? Was it plug and play? Did you get the rears working? Im looking to get a HU and its looking like an Erisin.

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