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45bvtc Feb 6, 2015

  1. 45bvtc

    45bvtc The Older I Get The Better I Was Supporter Gold Supporter

    AUDI A2 with FULL Stafford Audi Service History...

    Think about this guys; save your 'mega' car for days you want to use it...

    Steve Hampton the after-sales/service manager at Stafford Audi has just telephoned me to ask if I know anyone who may want a 2003 1.6fsi Audi A2 in black with 90 something miles. The car has been fully maintained by Stafford Audi for a very long time and comes with ALL documentation; Steve says "it's a good 'un"

    £3000 ish I'd say; the owner's changing to a new VW... I don't know, talk to Steve Hampton (Tel: 01785 250444) as he's actively trying to assist the owner: a great group of people at Stafford Audi.

    Now, anyone wanting a cheap runabout at a 'low' price with FULL service history need to telephone Steve and/or ask on Sunday...

    These A2's are getting very collectable, they don't rust and the spares are cheap: Audi lost £4000 on each and every one as they were used to develop the A8 - all aluminium and plastics...

    Can be used as a FULL 4-seater or pull out the rear seats (2-minutes) and use it as a van!

    Had our 1.4Tdi Audi A2 'Suzy' 2-weeks now, our second A2, and Sunday will be the next time I drive BLUEY

    Yup! The Audi A2's that good for me...

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