AMI Retrofit B8.5 concert3


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Hi, first attempt at a retrofit. I would like more connectivity options in my A4 so I challenged myself to retrofit AMI. I sourced all the correct parts and have installed the AMI, with one slight problem. The cable 8K0 051 592 has a wire thats red/yellow that has a female fuse terminal. The manual supplied from Audi suggests to add this wire to the middle brown fuse block at the side of the dash. Either in slot 1 or slot 7 if slot 1 is occupied.

Now my question is, is this correct? As this slot is totally dead. Ie there is no fuse or any other live wires here. The kit also came with a fuse but no mention where this goes.

Has anyone done anything like this before as I've searched and searched and cannot find anyone who has done this to their B8.5 before, or if they have, have not told anyone else how to do it.

Failing this, the AMI is not yet coded in, if I connect an iPhone to the AMI will it show charging? Just so I know the installation is correct before I get it coded in?

Thanks for any help.


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Hi all quick update for anyone with any similar issues. The ami loom came with 4 wires and 2 connectors.

The blue plug goes into the concert 3 unit replacing the AUX connector. This didn't fit and needed a little bit of the connector shaving off. Its still fits securely and clips in.

The black plug goes into the AMI unit.

The brown wire is an earth and needs to go down the A pillar at the passenger side footwell. Remove the trim and look for the other earthing cable and mount it there.

2 wires are for the CAN, these plug into slot 12 on the CAN jumper located in the fuse bay on the passenger side of the dash.

The final wire is a red/yellow cable for the AMI power. The manual says to use slot 1 or 7 on the brown/beige middle fuse connector also on the passenger side fuse bay. For me (B8.5), slot 1 has no power going to it. Whereas slot 7 had the power for the light switch (5a). I simply slotted the wire into the unoccupied side of slot 7.

After connecting it all up, with no coding the AUX is working flawlessly. The AMI I bought already came with an AUX/IPHONE splitter cable.

The last thing to do is now coding which I will do today and post back the results. All in all this job should take no more than an hour to fit. Littlw longer for me as I had to cut and mount the AMI to the roof of the glovebox as i wasn't aware I could buy a mount for it.

The manual can be confusing and there's not many/if any guides on the Web on how to retrofit the AMI.

Parts cost:
AMI (8TO 035 785A): £35 from ebay
Loom (8K0 051 592): £37 from TPS

I now have OEM AMI and the next on the list is a bluetooth adapter that displays track info/steering controls. Possible tune2air or similar.

Thanks to EXspartan36 for the help!