AMI Issues 2008 A5 8T

Mark A5

Registered User
I am having issue with the AMI on my 2008 A5 with bang and olufsen.
It will not recognise an iphone 6 through the correct cable(others have been tried with no positive results), it only reads mp3's from a usb adapter.
I've also bought a tune2air wma3000, but it doesn't recognise this either. The blue led does not light up when plugged into the AMI, if I add a micro usb power source I can sync the bluetooth connection to my iphone from the tune2air, but the device is unrecognised.
The software has been updated to version 5570. I have looked into updating the firmware via usb, again it does not rocognise the unzipped .bin file on the usb stick.
Has anyone else had this issue? if so how did you resolve it?