AMI Bluetooth Adapter

Lou Coe

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Hi all,

Just come bag into the VAG scene with a 2009 S3 sportback. I have the Navigation plus unit installed which has bluetooth for phone but not music...

So i've been looking at the following AMI adapter:

In an ideal world, i'd like an adapter that connects, displays the song information on the screen and multifunction display and transitions from music to taking a phone call without me having to change the output on my phone each time i get a call.

Does anyone have any experience with this or any other recommendations?



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Isn't showing the item.

Ami requires the ami unit initially to use an ami bt adapter.

I have both available & I can install this all too.

Lou Coe

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Sorry hopefully it'll work here

I have the AMI unit installed, it had a 30pin ipod adapter installed which i changed for just an aux cable then though actually maybe they make a bluetooth adapter which it looks like they do


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If you have the ami already installed, have you checked tune2air. A lot of people use these and have good results.

Lou Coe

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Yeah looks like they are the only one that display track info and let you change songs with the wheel controls, shame its 5X the price!