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Hi all, new to audi just come from 70 plate octavia (rejected car due to a lot of issues!) im picking up a new q3 sline 2020 model and i have seen it has standard ambient lighting (guess that mean just white) is there a way go activate colour change, i hardly doubt they use different strips when coloured so must be a way to activate it? Any help would be appreciated thanks


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Knowing audi, they would use different strips tbh, count savings down to multiple decimal points.

Happy to be proved wrong though.


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If you have the Comfort & Sound pack option (don't buy a Q3 without it because the standard 4 speaker audio system is truly pants and not commensurate with a quality car :puke: ) then you'll get the multi-coloured system, makes the interior special at night.


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Audiupgrades.co.uk have carried out an ambient lighting retrofit on a Q7 recently with our support from the harness side:

If this was a optional extra on the Q3 then it can be retrofitted.

Its not a cheap retrofit by any means as a lot of work is involved.