Am I using the wrong oil?


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Hieveryone, Audi A6 C6 4F 2008 3.0lquattro.
I use quantum 5w30 longlife and do an oil change every 5000/6000 miles.
Talking to another audi owner he was horrified that i don't use castrol as recommended.
The use of quantum was recommended by a very good audi mechanic i used in the past.
Am I using the wrong oil?
It's not a matter of cost, both oils cost more or less the same.


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Thank you.
In your opinion, should i continue use quantum or the recommended castrol?
In other words, which one is better, or are they the same?


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If your changing it every 5K miles then there is nothing wrong with the quantum. I buy it when TPS have offers and used in various TDI and petrol A3, A4, A5 and A6 models without any problems. Only reason Audi recommend Castrol will be a marketing deal made with Castrol.

Unless you have a very special engine all Audi dealer have large external tanks and oil is pumped to the service bays and the tankers that fill them not Castrol. So unless you friend does his own servicing then I'm sure there won't be any Castrol oil running around his engine.


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I see what you mean.
To his defence though, my oil cap is imprinted with "Use Castrol oil" or something like that.


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Hieveryone, Audi A6 C6 4F 2008 3.0lquattro.
Ik gebruik quantum 5w30 longlife en voer elke 5000/6000 mijl een olieverversing uit.
In gesprek met een andere audi-eigenaar was hij geschokt dat ik castrol niet gebruik zoals aanbevolen.
Het gebruik van quantum werd aanbevolen door een zeer goede audiotechnicus die ik in het verleden heb gebruikt.
Gebruik ik de verkeerde olie?
Het is geen kwestie van kosten, beide oliën kosten ongeveer hetzelfde.

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All a marketing con colaberation .

Oil is oil...

Same car different countries... , US, use Quaker State.. UK , use Shell - Hyundai. above,no need to panic. As long as you use the correct grade & spec you will be fine.