Always bleed your coolant system properly+check it when its cold.. Warning skin burns


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Ooo Christ that looks painful Andrew.

Let it be a lesson to all, I have done that many times with a rag on the cap. You just don't think that its a hot!

Glad to hear things on the men's thou :))



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Wow, big improvement Andrew!

That's healled considerably better and faster than when my mum had a very similar accident 20 years ago!

s3 Hoggy

Whats going on???
Good to see it's healed so well fella!


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that was pretty horrific, but you've healed quick and well which is good. crazy that this can easily happen to any 1 so easily. and every time i go to take my coolant cap off, ill have this image of your arm burnt into my memory forever now. and think twice


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That's really cleared up well mate, looked extremely painful when you done it

It certainly makes me think twice with hot coolant


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Holy thread revival batman and all that aside.

I’m glad you healed well Andrew, that looked really nasty, I just wanted to add, I was recently working on an A6 2.0tdi and I knocked a coolant hose, unbeknown to me one of the top coolant hoses had gone brittle at the connection to the hard pipe, as I put mild pressure on the hose whilst looking in the bay it split and the pressure forced the hose apart spraying me with hot coolant, luckily I didn’t get burnt but my back and side of my face was tender for a day.

I think moral of my story is just be very careful round the coolant system when pressurised regardless of what your doing, the hose didn’t look degraded and all I did was cut an inch off the end and it was fine again.