Alternator recall MY19 A5


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Hey all

just a heads up

i have received a recall for the alternator from audi today in post

spoke to service advisor this morning for something else and he said the bulletin went out for recall on 17th (my car was at the dealer 15th!!!)

they want the car off the road and in their hands asap as its a safety recall but couldn't give me an appointment And will call back


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Hi mate, what year is yours? as im about to buy an a5 tomorrow 2019? do you know if this will need it? i am buying from audi dealer so will ask but just wondering what years it is as i own a 2017 model aswell but had no letter/ email?


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I believe its the 40 & 45 TFSI. I bought a 2019 Coupe on 8th June and am still waiting to collect due to this recall. They hope to get the car to me next week.


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Correct you are cobra2

here is the official notice

Moisture can penetrate into the belt starter generator (RSG – Riemen-Starter-Generator).

This can result in a short circuit, leading to local overheating and increased risk of fire.

Due to the permanent power supply of the starter generator, this can occur when the vehicle has already been parked for a while.

The Audi A5 models affected by this recall were equipped with 2.0 TFSI engines and Mild-Hybrid systems and manufactured between May 2017 and March 2020.

Audi recall code: 27H2

Source: Rapex Alert 19/2020 A12/00689/20


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