alternator dead...?


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hi all

after getting my recently purchased s3 on the road, i managed 28 miles before battery light on.
would just like your thoughts before i order up a new one please,

s3 amk
battery light is on with engine running.
battery replaced 2 months ago.
terminals good and tight.
was quick to lose charge when on ramps with radio, int light, lights etc on the other day. not much charge been going into it possibly?
volts across battery 12.7 when engine off, 11.7 when running.
fuses and links under battery cover all good, no corrosion.

and any alternator recommendations please?




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not dead, just not working to spec. you're draining more than you are using.
you can get your own one refurbished. probably similar cost to buying the alternator from euro car parts - which will probably not be original.


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if you're lucky you can change just the brush box/ regulator, I think they are about 15 squids, easy job

if the commutator rings are worn down too much, its probably best to get a new alternator as a proper refurb is getting close to cost of new one

I would go bosch if you need a new one


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Hi, I replaced mine at the weekend. Picked one up from Euro Car Parts for £115 (exchange).

They have two Bosch versions on the website and the one recommended for an AMK engine was slightly cheaper.

Scrap yard had one for £50 with a months warranty but if you buy from ECP you'll get a year's worth of piece of mind.

ps have fun removing it... :))


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thanks for the replies, picked up a bosch unit from ecp today.
had a looky at the workshop procedures, and apperantly, it will slide out to the left of the engine... why do i suspect that there is no chance of this happening? is it possible or is it a case of remove inlet mani or bumper to retrieve it?


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righto, got this done today and was pretty straightforward. for the record, the alternator will exit the engine bay without having to take off the inlet manifold, and the charge pipe can stay attached at the turbo end. i would recommend raising the car at the front, its easier to align the belt on reassembly when being able to access from below. better on the back also...


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Yeah not the worst job in the world, don't know why people bang on about removing the inlet mani.