Alternate way to set timing on Cam Shafts BKD


A3 8p Mk2 Sport. Bought with issues. Giving TLC.
Havn't seen this procedure described anywhere but I thought it should work and it has made a huge difference to the power of my diesel engine.

I had no way of timing the two cam shafts to the bottom crank of the engine as on my Audi A3 there is no room to see or use sprocket locks on the crank shaft; without a load of spanner work.

As my engine was starting and running, I figured if I can set the timing of the inlet cam by using VCDS (etc) on engine measurement block 4, to set the torsion value to Zero, and then used a 6mm drill bit to lock the inlet cam to set position, I should be able to use another 6mm drill bit to lock exhaust cam to the correct timing. (Photo).

This I did and the engine is significantly more responsive, gear changes smoother and idle shudder minimal.
I will leave this adjustment alone for a while and see how the engine behaves over time before trying minor tweaks.
Both cams were out by about 1 degree in opposite directions.


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