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Alpine reverse camera into OEM camera holder. Need dimensions of OEM camera.

s3_trev Oct 1, 2018

  1. s3_trev

    s3_trev Northern Ireland

    SO guys I have the Alpine HCE-C252RD reversing camera, connected to my Alpine head unit.


    It's a great job but I have had to modify the numberplate light / boot handle holder in order to create a space for it, and then essentially glue it in. Alpine do holders for them, but sadly they do not do one for the A3 8P. For reference, here is the camera holder they do for other Audi models:


    I have recently noticed this thread - https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/8p-reverse-camera-looks-nifty.83638/

    Where they talk about the OEM camera install, but I noticed they say the trim that holds the camera will also fit the A3 8P. This - (PN: 4L0-827-574-3FZ)


    And now Im wondering if my Alpine reverse camera would fit into the hole designed for the original camera (width wise at least). I am expecting to have to trim the front face of the holder slightly, to more match the Alpine camera holder.

    Im actually currently having some intermittent issues with the button on my boot handle not activating the locking mechanism, so I was thinking about replacing the whole thing anyway.

    The dimensions of the Alpine camera are 23.6 mm x 23.6mm x 25.8mm but I can't seem to find the dimensions of the OEM camera, in order to give me an idea if my Alpine camera would fit in the hole. Could anyone help me out here?

    PN of OEM camera is: 4L0-980-551


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