Alpine HU Pops on power on and source change


Audi S3 (2000)
Mar 14, 2007
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I just got a new HU - MP3 and Ipod support.

sounds really good but i have the pop issue when i turn it on/off and switch source.

I have used the RCA pre out from the HU and the RCA harness adaptor.

Does anynone have any suggestions to get shut of the loud POP?
you could try a different earthing point?
thanks guys,

ill have a look at that and post my findings
hay guys,

i have swapped out the RCA adaptor for the speaker out adaptor i have, its fixed the pops but i have lost control of the sound distrobution to a degree.

before the subwoofer controll on the amp worked great but now has no effect. i can get round that by just changing the bass control so not too fussed.

had to turn the loudness off since the stereo is now propper loud at level 5 volume. think ill cope with that for a bit till it gets annoying then perhaps swap out the entire system or put some inline DC offset gadgets in between the amps and speakers
I had exactly the same problem with my alpine single din sat nav unit. I disconnected the bose sub have an aftermarket alpine one to go in there instead and it fixed it. The popping had gone. I had been to a few car audio places with no joy before and was starting to think it was the alpine head unit.
The suggestion #4 posted by AndyMAC in the above quoted thread works.

You can splice a 16uF or 22uF capacitor in the RCA plug and it will silent all the POPS. This is what I am using on my 9835 now which directly connect to the OE Bose system.
I'll second that! The capacitors are a little fiddly to do, but well worth it considering the results they provide.