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Allroad Tracking - Seized tie/track rod ends and replacing parts

ColinRyan Jan 10, 2012

  1. ColinRyan

    ColinRyan Registered User


    Just replaced 4 tyres on my 02 Allroad after some very bad/uneven wear (having had it apparently tracked last year). Turns out the adjustment bolts for the rear camber are seized as are some of the front alignment adjustments. Hence the guy last year probably didn;t align it properly in the first place.

    The guy in the (new) tyre place was reluctant to apply too much force to the bolts after replacing the tires and starting the alignment (in case of rounding) or heat (in case of damaging the rubber bushings). Hence I have the new tires on but my alignment has not been done yet. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this before?

    I called into a local garage who looked at it (good guy) and has suggested replacing the front inner and outer track rod ends (both sides), the front near side CV boot (perished). He also suggested replacing the rear bolts and nuts (which makes sense) but when he got on to his parts supplier he was told that he would need the entire arm assembly, that the nut and bolt parts were not available seperately???

    I am all for replacing corroded/damaged parts but the bill for this is looking like €450 for parts and another 6 hours labour on top of that.... all in about €1000 to get everything fixed and the car re-tracked.

    Does this make sense? Would really appreciate any other experiences on the same (and practical solutions) before I decide to shell out ...

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  3. ms1083

    ms1083 Registered User

    I had my tracking done at a common tyre fitter dealer in the UK. They used optical 4 wheel alignment & gave me a print out of the final settings (everything was green so i assumed ok), made no difference on tyre life and car steering wheel still not quite central & pulling to the left.

    Had it redone at my local audi independent who also has optical alighment and now its perfect, tyre life much improved & totally central steering wheel alignment. He actually did it whilst I was there and chatting during the job. He said tyre dealers often do it all in the wrong order. It is essental to start with the rear wheels in these 4 wheel drive cars and then set the front to the rears. If they dont have optical alignmnet apparatus is is a big job using the older laser systems as the subframe needs setting with some special tools first.
  4. ColinRyan

    ColinRyan Registered User

    Thanks for the reply re tracking. I have a good tyre guy now who said the same re rear alignment first etc. Interestingly the first time I got the car done about 4 years ago (bought 2nd hand) the tyre place used the A4 Avant Quattro settings which thry assured me were the same - they aren't - I checked in the tyre place last time.

    I am particularly interested in peoples experiences with the adjustment points (rod-ends etc) seizing and how they have fixed/cost of replacement. Want to make sure I am not spending money unnecessarily.

  5. elan2s

    elan2s Registered User

    It would seem that the prices of the parts you (appear to) require are cheaper at Eurocarparts Euro Car Parts | The UK's Number 1 Provider of Car Parts Online and In Store (Track rod ends £35.40 per side). I appreciate that you are in Ireland and the nearest outlet is in Belfast but it might be worth the trip (or you may know someone in Belfast) to get the parts, if it saves you money
  6. eyuptim

    eyuptim Registered User

    Hi, I know this is an old thread, bit thought I'd chuck my two penn'orth in. Just done all 4 eccentric adjusters on my '98 B5 quattro, having had the car 10 years, during which time I know they've never been touched... Saw the state of them on the ramp, and thought I'd never shift'em. Even bought a Sawzall as I've read that most people resort to cutting them out.
    HowEVER, as I had some spare time over Christmas, I thought I'd give Kano Kroil a go, having heard good things about it. Up on jacks and axle stands, I applied the brew to the nuts having first got as much crud off them, then reapplied every day for 3 or 4 days, before I went anywhere near them with a socket.
    Well, whaddya know- all 4 nuts came loose like they'd been off last week!!
    Loosened them to the end of the threads then prized the eccentric washers away and applied spray to rack in turn. About a week of this then the big test...
    Both toe adjusters turned after a bit of to-and-fro with the breaker bar.
    Camber ones more stubborn, but more Kroil, a bout of persuasive impact socketting and jiggling that breaker bar, they too came loose.
    Surprised and delighted is an understatement- ok it took a few days, but even not having to replace the bolts has saved a few £'s, and astonishingly, only one bush looks like it needs doing.
    So, a big thumbs up for Kano Kroil and patience!!
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