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I have just been searching on the 'net for Allroad Tdis and I can see there's a good choice available for below £20K now. They are mostly 4 year old cars with anything between 68K and 96K on the clock.

Are cars of this age and mileage likely to spring any nasty surprises? Auto or manual? The 2.7 petrols seem to be cheaper still - how big is the running cost difference in real life conditions?

If I get one it will have to work for a living - 15K miles per year. Is an Allroad of this age going to make sense for that?


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Jan 2, 2003
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I don't see why not. The Tdi will be a bit cheaper to run and I think the residuals on the Tdi's are better than the 2.7T's. If you are going to be doing any towing then I believe the Auto is better than the manual. The TDi is an engine that should go on for miles - it's been around quite a while and is pretty reliable.