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Audi-fiend Jan 25, 2020

  1. Audi-fiend

    Audi-fiend Registered User

    Got my allroad last week and enjoying it. Boot CD changer wasn't identified by the rns e headunit so pulled from dash and found blue fakra connector had been unplugged and replaced by an aftermarket GPS receiver.

    I've swapped then round and now have CD player operating but no GPS for satnav so presume that the roof mounted gps antenna is knacked. It also looks a bit Jaded.

    I pulled the boot roof light out and fished around above the headlining and found three cables floating around not plugged in. Now these aren't fakra connectors like I've seen on some replacement sharkfin antennas. Two are brass type connectors and other is larger, black plastic and what could be a spring inside. My radio does work so is getting signal from somewhere

    So I wanted to drop the headlining to gain access for a proper look but cannot find instruction anywhere on how to do this on C5 avant.

    Can anyone explain how to drop just the rear section of headlining and also explain how the cables are hooked up between rear and front of car and why I've still got radio when it appears roof aerial is unplugged. I know there is a seperate aerial in the rear side glass as well.


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