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Allroad Retrofit drop down tow bar

John SB3.2 Mar 19, 2017

  1. John SB3.2

    John SB3.2 Registered User

    I'm looking to buy a used Allroad and will be towing with it. If I find a car I like which doesn't have the factory fold away towbar, can I get one fitted, or will I have to get an aftermarket fixed or removable type?
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  3. Darren92

    Darren92 Registered User

  4. Jakes2514

    Jakes2514 A6 C7 AllRoad 3.0 TDI - Ibis White

    A guy in my street who has an A6 Allroad as well had a tow bar fitted by Audi when he bought his used 2015 car, he has had no end of issues with it which included a new bumper and respray of the rear door... still not 100% yet.
    I can get more info if you need it.

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  5. John SB3.2

    John SB3.2 Registered User

    Hopefully his problems are down to the particular dealer!
    I would be interested in how much they charged though? Was it easy to arrange in the first place or not?
  6. The Black Panther

    The Black Panther Adventurer !

    I have the factory one i think a retrofit is not possible from discussion on other forums. The wesfalia one is not really like t factory one at all.
  7. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Mine isn't an allroad, but this might help....

    You can get them done for ~£400 fitted on your drive, probably less if you get them done in a garage somewhere.... Audi normally just use a Westfalia, rebranded with four rings and the price adjusted accordingly.... I paid £480 for mine to be fitted on my drive. No body panel trim cutting / adjustment on the 2012 3.0 TFSI, BUT I think they said there would be if you went for double 7-pin electrics.... even though I'd normally only an tow old, small garden trailer (7 pin), I'd like the option to tow larger caravans too, so I went for the single 13-pin that requires no cutting and I just got a 13 to 7 adapter for when I'm using it...

    the one I went for, with towbarexpress.co.uk...
  8. John SB3.2

    John SB3.2 Registered User

  9. Tim Reid

    Tim Reid Registered User

    I've had two A6's and had a Westfalia detachable with dedicated electrics kit fitted to both by a local tow bar company who are the same people who fit them at all the local VAG dealers.

    I wouldn't both with the electronic retractable as I believe you still have to click them into place so might as well save several hundred pounds with a detachable one. They are super easy to use. My c7.5 had the cut out already in the bumper but the cut out made to my c6 wasn't noticeable unless you lied under the back.

    I paid £150 Inc vat for fitting and bought the bar and electrics from PF Jones. Check both their website and eBay store as their prices vary depending on which place you order from and they won't price match themselves if you phone up.

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