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Allroad Purchase. 55 plate.

Audi-fiend Jan 18, 2020

  1. Audi-fiend

    Audi-fiend Registered User

    Today I agreed to buy something which I hope I dont regret. Part of me feels I've paid to much but at the same time something quite rare. An C5 allroad 2.5tdi auto Allroad with...... Wait for it.... A genuine 44000 miles and the car looks like new, inside and out.

    Not my favourite colour, it's silver instead of the slightly darker grey colour, sorry don't know exact colourz I'd say titanium grey. Would prefer a manual, although I like an auto, but was blown away by the condition and the documentes low mileage and recent service work.

    I have a couple of questions which I hope someone cna answer. It has Navi plus unit but no phone integration. Are there any quick/cheap options to hook some sort of Bluetooth phone system up to the unit. Also is there an ipod fitting kit available for the headunit?

    I'm thinking of a remap for the engine but as its an auto, is it necessary to have the auto box software updated as well?

    Lastly, do most 17" audi alloys fit straight onto this car with same bolt pattern or are alloy options limited.

    Hopefully some good chat out there regarding my queries.


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