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AllRoad 2.7tdi New Owner - Advice Please

DoubleM May 7, 2018

  1. DoubleM

    DoubleM New Member

    HI all I recently bought an 07 2.7tdi AllRoad and having owned several BMW's, Range Rover, Lexus, Alfa Romeo's and even a WRXSTI Subaru I can say I'm happy and very impressed with the build quality. It has the ZF 6 Speed Triptronic box and I'm planning on getting the ATF changed, I've read conflicting advice, some say a full flush is needed some advice against changing all the ATF in one go any advice there ? The gear changes are all smooth but there is a big hesitation, "flat spot" when kicking down quickly at around 1500 rpm and lower in D, I'm hoping the ATF change may help. Also I'm aware of the Gearbox ECU revision, can I find out which revision it is on through diagnostics ? Is it possible to have the revision made by a Indy or re-mapper or does it have to go to an Audi Main Dealer ? I don't have one near me but to have a VW Dealer. Also I'm getting a Stage 1 Remap done this week so may see if they can read the ECU and even do the upgrade. The car has done 129000 miles with a FSH man dealer for first half and then Indy. It will need 4 tyres in the next month or so, I'm looking Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 3's as they are cheap from Oponeo any opinions ? I will be doing about 10% on farm tracks and fields.

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