Allroad 2.5 TDI Woes


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Mar 12, 2010
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I got the timing and auxilary belts done on the car duirng the week at a specialist based in Belfast.

The car was running great until this afternoon. I was driving normally and heard a loud bang. I though I'd hit something on the road, but there was nothing behind me.

I stopped the car which was still ticking over normally with no odd sounds. I had a look around and to my horror coolant was running onto the ground. I though water pump shut the car down and called the AA.

The AA duly came and looked over the car. They found that several blades had broken off the fan and most likely punctured the radiator. There was no sign of anything that could have came in contact with the fan, but then you can't see much from above the engine.

The car was put onto a low loader and is now sitting outside a local mechanic's premises to be looked at on Tuesday.

I'm presuming some foreign object came in contact with the fan. The fact the timing belt etc. was done is too much of a conincidence.