Alloy Wheels


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Am i right in saying that alloys with an ET 54 will fit on my 2004 cab with wheel spacers?


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What offset can you fit to a B6 with/without spacers??

I'm running 18" x 8.0J, with an offset of ET42, with 10mm spacers, making them ET32. Wouldn't want to go any lower - that's about the limit on a 'standard' B6.
Not sure about the S4 - maybe it has wider arches to accommodate a smaller offset.


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I agree, 32-35 is the lowest ET for me, unless you like stretch/poke etc, but I'm not into all that.

S4 has the same body as A4's.

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Most of us are using spacer's, so don't be put off..


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Thanks for the info :icon_thumright:

The reason I asked, was that I had seen a set of 16" alloys which would of been ok for winter but they had a offset of ET31 so wasn't sure if they would fit or not.