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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

DarrenA5 Sep 10, 2018

  1. DarrenA5

    DarrenA5 New Member

    It had to happen - my other half scuffed the outer diamond cut lip on my RS3 wheel to avoid a head on. Too be fair she done well, but obviously need to get it sorted now.

    I have the wheel insurance but my local dealer is insistent it can be repaired in the back of a van in 2 hours . I challenged this with it being diamond cut and no response . I've tried a few other places and whilst it is only the diamond cut lip minor damaged , they want to do the wheel and they have no means of replacing the Audi sport logo.

    Has anyone else managed to resolve this or can recommend anyone ? I'm based in Peterborough.
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  3. Gnasher

    Gnasher Member

    Not had any experience of your exact situation but if they can't have the wheel looking exactly like it currently does (without the scuff) then surely it's a substandard repair.

    It might be worth letting them do it but make sure they are aware that if you feel the repair isn't up to the required standard, you'll reject it.

    Also, might be worth googling the insurance ombudsman to see if there is any other avenues.
  4. jungle650

    jungle650 Well-Known Member Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi RS3 quattro S tronic MQB Platform DSG

    Got any pics of damage?

    You basically have 2 options.

    1) Full Diamond Cut repair- Most places will require the wheel for 2-3 days atleast if not longer to conplete the job. This is v expensive.

    2) Smart / Spot Repair - This may be possible dependent on the size and location of damage. Basically they rub down, polish and seal the repair. These will only be as good as the person who is tasked to correct the damage and in most cases if you are up and very close to the wheel you will see the repair as it will no longer be Diamond cut in that area. It will however easily pass the walk by test and to most peoples eyes look fine. I had a similar repair on my last car with Diamond cut wheels and was v happy knowing what it was.

    Under your Alloy Insurance with Audi No 2 is your only option as it technically doesnt cover Diamond Cut wheels.

    As others have suggested dependent on the size of damage and the repair completed you might be very happy with the smart touch up result. Some of these smart repair guys do work some magic, so dont just discount the option.

    If you are handy you can sand down and repair yourself. Plenty of sticky threads in A3/S3 8V section for more info
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  5. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    Dont let Audi touch it ffs. They did the wife's S3 and managed to create a dull patch on a shiny diamond cut wheel. Never again!


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  6. DarrenA5

    DarrenA5 New Member

    Not a particularly bad scrape but something that I want fixing by a professional rather than having a go myself . Is anyone aware of any refurbishers that can get the Audi Sport logo back on the wheel ?

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  7. dno_uk

    dno_uk Active Member Team Ara Blue Team Riviera Audi RS3 Audi A6

    The lip is so shallow on the FL wheels I doubt you will find anyone who is able to diamond cut the face without losing the 'Audi Sport' logo.

    Best bet would be a local repair which will look fine to the un-trained eye but probably noticeable close up.

    I've used Perfection Group in Leicester before and would definitely recommend them.
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  8. teslaboy

    teslaboy Mythos black RS3 8v FL Audi RS3 Audi S3

    I've had all my wheels done custom colour and the audi sport logos are no longer.
    Not too bothered about the logos as it now looks way better to me than the stock wheels, everyone's got em !!
  9. T-800

    T-800 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I take it this is not actually on an RS3, looking at your picture ?

    Doesn’t look like the rear Caliper of an RS.....and brake disc shield looks too big

    JP Alloys in Stafford are very good.

    Only way to keep the Audi sport logo is maybe find a sticker / vinyl graphic that matches oem.
  10. DarrenA5

    DarrenA5 New Member

    Yes good spot. She actually has one done on her A4 black edition which is virtually the same wheel as the RS3. Both wheels need the same amount of remediation
  11. arressfree

    arressfree Member

    had my silver alloys diamond cut a few months ago. replacing logo was a no brainer for him although logo is now white rather than the grey original.. but still happy with them...
    ps. you need the heat resistant transfers if powder coating them...
    see pic.

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  13. c4pete

    c4pete Member

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  14. DarrenA5

    DarrenA5 New Member

    Where did you have them done .? Did you put the logo back on?
  15. arressfree

    arressfree Member

    They put the logo back on as part of the refurb service and before wheel is lacquered. They obtain the logos from another nearby business to order.

    heres where i got the wheels refurbed from:
  16. Splathead

    Splathead Active Member Team Navarra Audi RS3

    Somehow, the ginormous pirelli rim protection lip saved me today when I misjudged a left hand bend during "spirited" driving.
    The front left kissed the kerb and just pushed the car slightly right.
    I spent the rest of the drive in that horrible schrodinger's cat mode.

    I'm impressed that there is just a small scuff on the tyre and the wheel is mercifully untouched.

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