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I drive a 2.4 cabriolet (the sport model if that makes any difference) and I need your assistance! It's currently running standard 17" alloys which need a refurb and 2 new tyres so I thought that I might as well get some new wheels.

I'm after some 18s, either the original RS4 style, updates RS4s or RS6.

What offset and PCD do they need to have to fit with no spacers?

Will original TT/RS wheels fit or are the offsets different due to them being quattro?

Can anyone recommend where to make my purchase?

Thank you for your help


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Standard Audi 18" wheels are 112 x 5 PCD with a width of 8.5J (possibly 8J I can't be 100% sure) and an offset of 43. However you can lower the offset by up to 10 if you want the wheels to stick out and appear to fill the arches more.

If you want genuine wheels then keep searching through the classifieds on this and other forums; pistonheads, etc - and also eBay which is a good place to start looking for reps.

I'm pretty sure the first TT's were 5 x 100 so won't fit, but I'm not definate on that.